Welcome to KPJ Group (Aus) Pty Ltd

With over 100 years of business history,
the KPJ Group story began circa 1908 when
this East African Indian family business
commenced operations in Kenya.

Today 3rd and 4th generation family members
are the driving force behind the KPJ Group of companies.

KPJ Group companies are in over 20 countries spanning 5 continents with diversified operations in the manufacturing, trading, property and finance sectors.

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KPJ Group (Aus) Pty Ltd
20 South Gippsland Highway
Dandenong, VIC 3175 AUSTRALIA
TEL: +61 3 97943888
FAX: +61 3 97068553

www.airstep.com.au   www.foamco.com.au   E: info@kpjgroup.com